What is The Sculpt workout?

Here's everything you need to know about us:

-Our studio and staff have a welcoming and inspirational vibe

-The only items you need to take class are ToeSox and water, we have both available for sale at the studio

-The Megaformer was built for efficiency and that's why our classes are 50 minutes, you don't need more time you need more intensity

-All our movements are done slowly and controlled, digging into your slow twitch muscle fibers which is why it's like nothing you've done before

-Our classes are 50 minutes of high intensity muscle isolation while being low impact

-You will be challenged in a way you never have before, most likely the hardest class you will ever take

-You will be sore the next day, in a good way

-We are NOT Pilates, we love Pilates and think it's a great complement to SFS, but the Megaformer is NOT Pilates

-All of our classes are 10 people or less, the small group atmosphere takes away the chaos of larger group fitness classes 

-The best way to explain the Megaformer is to try it so come check us out!

-Still unsure? We offer Megaformer 101 for FREE throughout the week so just sign up, show up and we will walk you through everything!