We Can't Wait To Have You At Sculpt!

Here's everything you need to know to make your first Megaformer class a first class experience!


Preparing for your first class:

-BE EARLY! If you are late you cannot take class. This is for your safety

-The only items you need to take class are ToeSox (or any grip socks) and water, we have both available for sale at the studio

-The entire class is on the Megaformer which is a user friendly machine that your instructor will give you a thorough rundown of before we start class

-Unlike other classes you are 1 of 10 people in class not 1 of 30. Our instructors are highly trained and keep a very close eye on all clients during class for form corrections. Our class is a personal training like experience

-Sculpt classes are 50 minutes of high intensity muscle isolation while being low impact. Looking for intensity without the risk of injury from jumping all over the place? You've come to the right place

-All our movements are done SLOWLY and controlled, digging into your slow twitch muscle fibers which is why it's like nothing you've done before. This forces your muscles to rebuild a more sculpted and stronger you 

-You will be challenged in a way you never have before, most likely the hardest class you will ever take

-You will be sore the next day, in a good way

-We are NOT Pilates, we love Pilates and think it's a great complement to Sculpt, but the Megaformer is NOT Pilates

-All of our classes are 10 people or less, the small group atmosphere takes away the chaos of larger group fitness classes

-Our small classes become a personalized, personal training-like experience everytime

-The best way to explain the Megaformer is to try it so come check us out!